Let's hear what our employees say

Eric Or

Managing Director

JOS Greater China


“I have been with JOS Singapore for 7 and a half years and I have never stop looking forward to go back to work! In EA, we work closely as a team with our colleagues and they are my second family. “Leave no man behind”, that’s one of our slogans. Whenever I hit any problems, my mentors and peers will not hesitate to support me.

I love being in a family-like environment where our team is very supportive. They make sure you are being well taken care of. This is my first job and I had worked my way from associate consultant to project manager throughout these 7 years. My mentors (the management) had taught and groom me a lot which I am very much grateful to them.”

Matthew Lai

Manager, Enterprise Applications

JOS Singapore

“The interactions and morale between different teams are awesome now which make our tasks and jobs completed efficiently!”

Lim Wee Peng

Sales Manager

JOS Malaysia

“I’ve been growing with JTH for more than 4 years. I’ve visualized the changes in all aspects, tasted the challenges derived from the changes, felt the passion of people here, and most appreciated, my voice being listened.”

Lily Yeung

Risk & Assurance Manager

JTH Group

“I’ve been with JOS for over seven years and was hired originally as a Network Engineer. I have worked hard and learned so much, allowing me to be promoted to a Solution Consultant and then to Business Manager. I am thankful for all the opportunities and experience JOS has provided me with and hope to grow with JOS for many more years.

The company treats you like you are part of the family and they genuinely care about your personal goals and success. If you work hard for the company, they work hard for you. There is open communication within all levels of the organization and JOS management are not micro-managed and that freedom makes us more responsible and productive. I appreciate the platform built for internal communication and fun activities that comes with it, which encourage better collaboration across countries.”

Jayden Soh

Business Manager

JOS Singapore

“Our colleagues are super-friendly and very easy to work with. I enjoy being in such a family-like environment. We have lots of fun and good memories during Team Building, HR events, Sport Club events, Team Gathering and Annual Dinner.”

Leong Kar Chun

Senior Service Manager

JOS Malaysia

“JOS is a place with amazing, versatile, energetic and enthusiastic people. Colleagues here concentrate on their work, put customers as priority and try not only to satisfy customer requirement but to exceed it.

One of the most fascinating benefits of this trainee program must be the learning opportunities. Being a graduate trainee, I could rotate among departments. Management is happy to grant high degree of freedom to which department I prefer, where I can try applying knowledge and absorb different practical ideas on solution and skillset. In this 2-year trainee program, I experienced three departments and what I can feel is the significant growth in terms of sales skill, technical knowledge and the mode of thinking.”

Aldo Que

Account Manager

JOS Hong Kong

I’ve been spending a year in JOS as a trainee and it is truly rewarding. I’ve got a chance to experience different duties in business aspects, from customer engagement to project development. Doing a business is an art with so much techniques to learn. I’ve taken a step out of the comfort zone and explore the possibilities within myself. What an amazing year!

Megan Chau

Graduate Trainee 2017

JOS Hong Kong

Ariel Kwan

Account Manager

JOS Hong Kong


“JOS is a great company to be in, as all of us here are treated with respect and offered a great platform for career advancement. There is never a dull moment in the office as we have friendly co-workers and they are always ready to assist whenever you are having challenges. I believe bosses are the main reason for people either loving or leaving their jobs.

At JOS, we have great bosses here. The management team sets clear expectations, provides coaching when necessary, gives constructive feedback, recognizes efforts and is open and truthful. These are great traits they have which inspired me in many ways.

All in all, my 2 years with JOS have been a wonderful experience and I would full heartedly continue to contribute my best for years to come!”

Kelvin Eng

Senior Account Manager

JOS Malaysia

“Our colleagues are super-friendly and very easy to work with. I enjoy being in such a family-like environment and feel being taken care of. We have AI, Chatbot, Data analytics, Cloud, Enterprise applications and security solutions. Having these solutions keep me busy learning new technologies every day at work!”

Janet Fung

Head of Big Data, IOT & Security, Digital Solutions

JOS Hong Kong

“Along with the development of our company, my personal capacity is also constantly upgrading and progressing.”

Alice Liu

Senior Marketing Executive

JOS China, Beijing

“I feel happy and comfortable working with my teammates here. Every unforgettable moment in JOS career is cherished in my memory - my first annual award,first promotion,won the first bid,and more. Hope to continue to grow and develop in the JOS family.”

Wang PeiMing

Senior Consulting Manager

JOS China, Shanghai

“The new office design is vibrant and spacious, allowing our employees to feel at ease. The hot desk concept allows us to be flexible on the fly and promotes work effectiveness.

The Gamification app allows us to engage, challenge ourselves and experience new ways to improve. It also connects colleagues from different regions of JTH, Innovix and JOS.”

Edmund Lye

Service Delivery Manager

JOS Singapore

“Although I have only been with JOS for a short period of time, I am very grateful for the opportunities JOS has given me to horn my skills, explore other areas of work, and gain experience in the industry.

Despite the challenges faced by a transforming company, I am happy to work in a team that perseveres, strives for excellence, and supports each other.”

Dawn Wang

Quality Executive

JOS Singapore

“The overall environment of the company is harmonious and colleagues are friendly and easy to communicate with. One of the reasons I continue working in this company after internship is the harmony and good working environment.

The open office concept of the company makes it easier for employees to interact with each other on a regular basis. The constant intermingling not only generates a sense of camaraderie, it also enhances the flow of information and improve teamwork.

Quarterly events like Badminton Tournament, Buffet Dinner, Movie Night, are arranged to encourage greater collaboration and teamwork not only within JOS but also with Innovix.”

Goh Wai Yang

Service Product Executive

JOS Malaysia

“JOS offers intense in-job training. ‘JOS Academy’ in our Gamification app allows online registration and allows us to do training any time, anywhere. This is amazing for my business knowledge development.”

Kift Tsang

Procurement Manager

JOS Hong Kong

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